Source code for pyleecan.Functions.FEMM.create_FEMM_circuit_material

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from numpy import pi, sign, sqrt

from ...Functions.FEMM.set_FEMM_circuit_prop import set_FEMM_circuit_prop
from ...Functions.FEMM.set_FEMM_wind_material import set_FEMM_wind_material
from ...Functions.Winding.find_wind_phase_color import get_phase_id
from ...Functions.labels import ROTOR_LAB

[docs]def create_FEMM_circuit_material( femm, circuits, label_dict, is_eddies, lam, I, is_mmf, j_t0, materials ): """Set in FEMM circuits property Parameters ---------- femm : FEMMHandler client to send command to a FEMM instance circuits: list list the name of all circuits label_dict : dict Decoded label of the surface sym : bool integer for symmetry is_eddies : 1 to calculate eddy currents lam : LamSlotWind Lamination to set the winding I : ndarray Lamination currents waveforms is_mmf : 1 to compute the lamination magnetomotive force / lamination magnetic field j_t0 : time step for winding current calculation@type integer materials : list of materials already created in FEMM Returns ------- property, materials, circuits: tuple the property of the surface having label as surf.label (str), materials (list) and the circuits (list) """ # Load parameter for readibility rho = lam.winding.conductor.cond_mat.elec.get_resistivity() # Resistivity at 20°C wind_mat = lam.winding.get_connection_mat(lam.get_Zs()) Swire = lam.winding.conductor.comp_surface_active() # Decode the label Nrad_id = label_dict["R_id"] # zone radial coordinate Ntan_id = label_dict["T_id"] # zone tangential coordinate Zs_id = label_dict["S_id"] # Zone slot number coordinate # Get the phase value in the correct slot zone q_id = get_phase_id(wind_mat, Nrad_id, Ntan_id, Zs_id) s = sign(wind_mat[Nrad_id, Ntan_id, Zs_id, q_id]) # circuit definition if ROTOR_LAB in label_dict["lam_type"]: Clabel = "Circr" + str(q_id) else: Clabel = "Circs" + str(q_id) circuits = set_FEMM_circuit_prop(femm, circuits, Clabel, I=None) # definition of armature field current sources if ROTOR_LAB in label_dict["lam_type"]: Jlabel = "Jr" else: Jlabel = "Js" if s == 1: cname = Jlabel + str(q_id) + "+" else: cname = Jlabel + str(q_id) + "-" # circuit definition circuits = set_FEMM_circuit_prop(femm, circuits, Clabel, I=None) # adding new current source material if necessary materials = set_FEMM_wind_material( femm, materials, cname=cname, Cduct=is_eddies * 1e-6 / rho, dwire=sqrt(4 * Swire / pi) * 1e-3, ) return cname, materials, circuits