Source code for pyleecan.Functions.Load.load_json

import gzip
from json import load as jload
from os.path import isdir, isfile, splitext
from ...Generator import PYTHON_DEFAULT_ENCODING

[docs]def load_json(file_path): """Load a json file Parameters ---------- file_path: str path to the file or directory to load Returns ------- file_path: str edited path to the file to load json_data: json decoded data type data of the json file """ # remove tailing dir seperators while file_path.endswith(("\\", "/")): file_path = file_path[:-1] # if a path is given, add default file name to file_path if isdir(file_path): i = max(file_path.rfind("\\"), file_path.rfind("/")) if i != -1: file_path += file_path[i:] else: file_path += "/" + file_path # if there is no file extension, try some if not splitext(file_path)[1]: file_ext = "" for ext in [".json", ".json.gz"]: if isfile(file_path + ext): file_ext = ext file_path += file_ext # The file (and the folder) should exist if not isfile(file_path): raise LoadMissingFileError(str(file_path) + " doesn't exist") # Get the data dictionary try: if file_path.endswith(".json.gz"): with, mode="rt", encoding="utf-8") as fp: json_data = jload(fp) else: with open(file_path, "r", encoding=PYTHON_DEFAULT_ENCODING) as fp: json_data = jload(fp) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Error while loading " + file_path + "\n" + str(e)) return file_path, json_data
[docs]class LoadMissingFileError(Exception): """ """ pass