Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Geometry.SurfRing.comp_point_ref

from numpy import array, sum

[docs]def comp_point_ref(self, is_set=False): """Compute the point ref of the Surface Parameters ---------- self : SurfRing A SurfRing object is_set: bool True to update the point_ref property Returns ------- point_ref : complex the reference point of the surface """ point_list = list() out_lines = self.out_surf.get_lines() in_lines = self.in_surf.get_lines() # Compute the ref point as the barycenter of half the lines for line in out_lines[: len(out_lines) / 2]: point_list.append(line.get_middle()) for line in in_lines[: len(in_lines) / 2]: point_list.append(line.get_middle()) point_ref = sum(array(point_list)) / len(point_list) if is_set: self.point_ref = point_ref return point_ref