Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Machine.Lamination.comp_periodicity_spatial

from numpy import gcd

[docs]def comp_periodicity_spatial(self): """Compute the periodicity factor of the lamination Parameters ---------- self : lamination A lamination object Returns ------- per_a : int Number of spatial periodicities of the lamination is_antiper_a : bool True if an spatial anti-periodicity is possible after the periodicities """ if hasattr(self, "get_Zs") and hasattr(self, "get_pole_pair_number"): Zs = self.get_Zs() p = self.get_pole_pair_number() nb_list = [p, Zs] # account for notches and bore if self.notch is not None: for notch in self.notch: nb_list.append(notch.comp_periodicity_spatial()[0]) if self.bore: nb_list.append(self.bore.comp_periodicity_spatial()[0]) if self.yoke: nb_list.append(self.yoke.comp_periodicity_spatial()[0]) # compute the gcd of the list per_a = gcd(nb_list[0], nb_list[1]) for ii in range(2, len(nb_list)): per_a = gcd(per_a, nb_list[ii]) nb_list.pop(0) is_antiper_a = all(nb_list / per_a % 2 == 0) # Account for duct periodicity per_a, is_antiper_a = self.comp_periodicity_duct_spatial(per_a, is_antiper_a) per_a = int(per_a) else: per_a = None is_antiper_a = False return per_a, is_antiper_a