Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Output.Output.getter.export_to_mat

from import savemat

[docs]def export_to_mat(self, file_path): """Export the main outputs to a .mat file Parameters ---------- self : Output An Output object file_path : str Path to save the generated mat file """ # Dict to save data_dict = dict() # Data size data_dict["Na_tot"] = self.simu.input.Na_tot data_dict["Nt_tot"] = self.simu.input.Nt_tot # Electrical data if self.elec is not None: if self.elec.OP is not None: data_dict["N0"] = self.elec.OP.N0 I_dict = self.elec.OP.get_Id_Iq() data_dict["Id"] = I_dict["Id"] data_dict["Iq"] = I_dict["Iq"] if hasattr(self.elec.OP, "If_ref"): data_dict["If"] = self.elec.OP.If_ref Is = self.elec.get_Is() if Is is not None: data_dict["Is"] = Is.get_along("phase", "time")["I_s"] # Magnetic data if self.mag is not None: data_dict["time"] = self.mag.axes_dict["time"].get_values() data_dict["angle"] = self.mag.axes_dict["angle"].get_values() if self.mag.B is not None: data_dict["B_rad"] = self.mag.B.components["radial"].get_along( "time", "angle" )["B_{rad}"] data_dict["B_tan"] = self.mag.B.components["tangential"].get_along( "time", "angle" )["B_{circ}"] if self.mag.Tem is not None: data_dict["Tem"] = self.mag.Tem.get_along("time")["T_{em}"] if self.mag.Tem_av is not None: data_dict["Tem_av"] = self.mag.Tem_av if self.mag.Tem_rip_norm is not None: data_dict["Tem_rip_norm"] = self.mag.Tem_rip_norm if self.mag.Tem_rip_pp is not None: data_dict["Tem_rip_pp"] = self.mag.Tem_rip_pp if self.mag.Phi_wind_stator is not None: data_dict["Phi_wind_stator"] = self.mag.Phi_wind_stator.get_along( "time", "phase" )["Phi_{wind}"] # if self.mag.emf is not None: # data_dict["emf"] = self.mag.emf.get_along("time") # Save result savemat(file_path, data_dict)