Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Output.XOutput.plot_multi

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

from SciDataTool.Functions.Plot.plot_2D import plot_2D

from ....definitions import config_dict
from ....Methods.Output.XOutput import _get_symbol_data_
from ....Functions.Plot import dict_2D, dict_3D
from ....Functions.init_fig import init_fig

COLORS = config_dict["PLOT"]["COLOR_DICT"]["COLOR_LIST"]
FONT_NAME = config_dict["PLOT"]["FONT_NAME"]

[docs]class PlotError(Exception): pass
[docs]def plot_multi( self, x_symbol, y_symbol, c_symbol=None, cmap=None, plot_type="point", idx=None, fig=None, ax=None, title=None, is_show_fig=True, save_path=None, win_title=None, ): """2D Plot from a DataKeeper / OptiObjective / ParamExplorer as a function of another DataKeeper / OptiObjective / ParamExplorer Parameters ---------- self : XOutput XOutput object x_symbol: str ParamExplorer or DataKeeper symbol y_symbol: str ParamExplorer or DataKeeper symbol c_symbol: str optional symbol to set the plot colors cmap: colormap optional colormap plot_type: str scatter or plot to chose plot type idx: slice To plot only some data fig : Matplotlib.figure.Figure existing figure to use if None create a new one ax : Matplotlib.axes.Axes object ax on which to plot the data title: str Figure or subfigure title according to ax is_show_fig : bool True to show figure after plot save_path : str full path of the png file where the figure is saved if save_path is not None win_title : str Title of the plot window Returns ------- fig : Matplotlib.figure.Figure Figure containing the plot ax : Matplotlib.axes.Axes object Axis containing the plot Raises ------ PlotError """ if idx is None: idx = slice(None) if plot_type not in ["point", "curve"]: raise PlotError("Unknown plot_type {}.".format(plot_type)) # get data and labels x_values, x_label = _get_symbol_data_(self, x_symbol, idx) y_values, y_label = _get_symbol_data_(self, y_symbol, idx) if c_symbol is None: colors = COLORS[0] else: # get the color data c_values, _ = _get_symbol_data_(self, c_symbol, idx) colors = c_values[:, np.newaxis] # add legend if c_symbol is not None: legends = [c_symbol] else: legends = [] if cmap is None: cmap = COLORMAP (fig, ax, _, _) = init_fig(fig=fig, ax=ax, shape="rectangle") # call plot_2D function plot_2D( Xdatas=[x_values], Ydatas=[y_values], xlabel=x_label, ylabel=y_label, color_list=[colors], legend_list=legends, title=title, type_plot=plot_type, save_path=save_path, is_show_fig=is_show_fig, win_title=win_title, fig=fig, ax=ax, font_name=FONT_NAME, font_size_title=FONT_SIZE_TITLE, font_size_label=FONT_SIZE_LABEL, font_size_legend=FONT_SIZE_LEGEND, ) return fig, ax