Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Slot.Slot.get_surface_tooth

from numpy import exp, pi

from ....Classes.Arc1 import Arc1
from ....Classes.Segment import Segment
from ....Classes.SurfLine import SurfLine
from ....Methods import ParentMissingError
from ....Functions.labels import (
from numpy import exp, pi

[docs]def get_surface_tooth(self): """Returns the surface delimiting the tooth (including yoke part) Parameters ---------- self : Slot A Slot object Returns ------- surface: SurfLine A SurfLine object representing the slot """ if self.parent is not None: Ryoke = self.parent.get_Ryoke() else: raise ParentMissingError("Error: The slot is not inside a Lamination") curve_list = list() # tooth lines top_list = self.build_geometry_half_tooth(is_top=True) bot_list = self.build_geometry_half_tooth(is_top=False) # Yoke lines Z1 = Ryoke * exp(1j * pi / self.Zs) Z2 = Ryoke * exp(-1j * pi / self.Zs) curve_list.append( Segment(top_list[-1].get_end(), Z1, prop_dict={BOUNDARY_PROP_LAB: YSL_LAB}) ) if Ryoke > 0: curve_list.append( Arc1( begin=Z1, end=Z2, radius=-Ryoke, is_trigo_direction=False, prop_dict={BOUNDARY_PROP_LAB: YOKE_LAB}, ) ) curve_list.append( Segment(Z2, bot_list[0].get_begin(), prop_dict={BOUNDARY_PROP_LAB: YSR_LAB}) ) # Second half of the tooth curve_list.extend(bot_list) curve_list.extend(top_list) if self.parent is not None: lam_label = self.parent.get_label() else: lam_label = NO_LAM_LAB label = lam_label + "_" + TOOTH_LAB return SurfLine(line_list=curve_list, label=label)