Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Slot.SlotM10.plot_schematics

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy import pi, exp

from ....Classes.Arc1 import Arc1
from ....Classes.LamSlot import LamSlot
from ....Classes.Segment import Segment
from ....definitions import config_dict
from ....Functions.Plot import (
from ....Methods import ParentMissingError


[docs]def plot_schematics( self, is_default=False, is_add_point_label=False, is_add_schematics=True, is_add_main_line=True, type_add_active=True, save_path=None, is_show_fig=True, fig=None, ax=None, ): """Plot the schematics of the slot Parameters ---------- self : SlotM10 A SlotM10 object is_default : int 0: current slot values, 1: default internal rotor schematics, 2: default external stator schematics is_add_point_label : bool True to display the name of the points (Z1, Z2....) is_add_schematics : bool True to display the schematics information (W0, H0...) is_add_main_line : bool True to display "main lines" (slot opening and 0x axis) type_add_active : int 0: No active surface, 1: active surface as winding, 2: active surface as magnet save_path : str full path including folder, name and extension of the file to save if save_path is not None is_show_fig : bool To call show at the end of the method fig : Matplotlib.figure.Figure existing figure to use if None create a new one ax : Matplotlib.axes.Axes object Axis on which to plot the data Returns ------- fig : Matplotlib.figure.Figure Figure containing the schematics ax : Matplotlib.axes.Axes object Axis containing the schematics """ # Use some default parameter if is_default: slot = type(self)(Zs=8, H0=20e-3, W0=45e-3, Hmag=17.5e-3, Wmag=30e-3) if is_default == 1: # Internal Rotor schematics lam = LamSlot( Rint=0.1, Rext=0.135, is_internal=True, is_stator=False, slot=slot ) else: # External Stator schematics lam = LamSlot( Rint=0.1, Rext=0.135, is_internal=False, is_stator=True, slot=slot ) return slot.plot_schematics( is_default=False, is_add_point_label=is_add_point_label, is_add_schematics=is_add_schematics, is_add_main_line=is_add_main_line, type_add_active=type_add_active, save_path=save_path, is_show_fig=is_show_fig, fig=fig, ax=ax, ) else: # Getting the main plot if self.parent is None: raise ParentMissingError("Error: The slot is not inside a Lamination") lam = self.parent fig, ax = lam.plot( alpha=pi / self.Zs, is_show_fig=False, fig=fig, ax=ax ) # center slot on Ox axis point_dict = self._comp_point_coordinate() if self.is_outwards(): sign = +1 else: sign = -1 # Adding point label if is_add_point_label: for name, Z in point_dict.items(): ax.text( Z.real, Z.imag, name, fontsize=P_FONT_SIZE, bbox=TEXT_BOX, ) # Adding schematics if is_add_schematics: # W0 line = Segment(point_dict["Z3"], point_dict["Z2"]) line.plot( fig=fig, ax=ax, color=ARROW_COLOR, linewidth=ARROW_WIDTH, label="W0", offset_label=self.Hmag * 0.1, is_arrow=True, fontsize=SC_FONT_SIZE, ) # H0 line = Segment(point_dict["Z1"], point_dict["Z2"]) line.plot( fig=fig, ax=ax, color=ARROW_COLOR, linewidth=ARROW_WIDTH, label="H0", offset_label=1j * -0.1 * self.W0, is_arrow=True, fontsize=SC_FONT_SIZE, ) if type_add_active != 0: # Wmag plot_quote( Z1=point_dict["ZM2"], Zlim1=point_dict["ZM2"] - sign * 0.5 * self.Hmag, Zlim2=point_dict["ZM3"] - sign * 0.5 * self.Hmag, Z2=point_dict["ZM3"], offset_label=0.25 * self.Hmag, fig=fig, ax=ax, label="Wmag", ) # Hmag Zlim1 = point_dict["Z3"] - sign * self.Hmag Zlim2 = point_dict["Z3"] plot_quote( point_dict["ZM3"], Zlim1, Zlim2, point_dict["ZM4"], offset_label=1j * 0.2 * self.Hmag, fig=fig, ax=ax, label="Hmag", ) if is_add_main_line: # Ox axis line = Segment(0, lam.Rext * 1.5) line.plot( fig=fig, ax=ax, color=MAIN_LINE_COLOR, linestyle=MAIN_LINE_STYLE, linewidth=MAIN_LINE_WIDTH, ) # Top arc line = Arc1( begin=point_dict["Z1"], end=point_dict["Z4"], radius=self.get_Rbo(), is_trigo_direction=True, ) line.plot( fig=fig, ax=ax, color=MAIN_LINE_COLOR, linestyle=MAIN_LINE_STYLE, linewidth=MAIN_LINE_WIDTH, ) if type_add_active == 1: self.plot_active(fig=fig, is_show_fig=False) elif type_add_active == 2: self.plot_active( fig=fig, is_show_fig=False, enforced_default_color=MAGNET_COLOR ) # Zooming and cleaning W = self.W0 / 2 * 1.4 Rint, Rext = self.comp_radius() ax.axis("equal") ax.set_xlim(Rint, Rext) ax.set_ylim(-W, W) manager = plt.get_current_fig_manager() if manager is not None: manager.set_window_title(type(self).__name__ + " Schematics") ax.set_title("") ax.get_legend().remove() ax.set_axis_off() # Save / Show if save_path is not None: fig.savefig(save_path) plt.close(fig=fig) if is_show_fig: return fig, ax