pyleecan.Methods.Geometry.Segment.plot module

plot(self, fig=None, ax=None, is_arrow=False, linestyle='solid', linewidth=1, color='black', label=None, offset_label=0, fontsize=12)[source]

Plot the segment

  • self (Segment) – A Segment object

  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – existing figure to use if None create a new one

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – Axis on which to plot the data

  • is_arrow (bool) – True to draw a double headed arrow instead of a line

  • linestyle (str) – Line of the line (solid, dotted…)

  • linewidth (int) – Line Width

  • color (str) – Color of the line

  • label (str) – To add a label at the middle of the line

  • offset_label (complex) – Complex value to shift the label from the middle

  • fontsize (int) – Size of the font for the label (if any)


  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – Figure containing the plot

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – Axis containing the plot