pyleecan.Methods.Output.OutElec.get_electrical module

get_electrical(self, data_dict, Time=None, is_dqh=False, is_fund_only=False, is_harm_only=False, is_freq=None)[source]

Generic getter to return voltage/current as DataND object

  • self (OutElec) – an OutElec object

  • data_dict (str) – Requested quantity (‘U_s’: stator voltage, ‘I_s’: stator current)

  • Time (Data) – Time axis

  • is_dqh (bool) – True to rotate in DQH frame

  • is_fund_only (bool) – True to return only fundamental component

  • is_harm_only (bool) – True to return only components at higher frequencies than fundamental component

  • is_freq (bool) – True to calculate dqh transformation in frequency domain


obj – Requested quantity

Return type: